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An arcade shoot down all the towers, mobile game for iOS.
[1/10/18 - 7/10/18] This project will undergo the implementation of a puzzle arcade shooter to take down block towers over iOS devices by Apple, and made within Unity. Throughout the project will carefully plan and design the most suitable finger gesture inputs, to allow the player to experience an intuitive one. The theme of this game will be around magic and colour! The player must launch their little magical diamond from a slingshot, and use it to take down multiple towers and its colored blocks. The aim is to have enough balls to take down a tower, to avoid running out of required ammunition to progress further and run into an ad break; which will be added for assignment purposes. The point of this project is to see how far we can push the limits of iOS devices, tested on the iPhone X. This project will also be using C-Sharp for the implementation of program code functionality. This week I wanted to focus on the actual movement physic of the Diamond, which will be launched into a tower full of different shapes. The perspective camera creates a 3d Plane in the center between the near and far camera clip planes, to allow 2d input by the user for mobile devices, and transfer it for 3d space using ScreenPointToRay. This ray will then be the raycast which hits the player's object (Diamond), and allows the player to move it around, with its movement restricted to a 2d plane. At the moment if the player moves the diamond outside of the aim radius, the diamond will freeze, or clip back into the start position. However, I need to find a way to have it so when the player goes outside the radius, the diamond will stay at its last moved position, and when the player lets go, the diamond will launch as normal. The diamond launches nicely, however too slowly and I would like the player to choose where they would like to shoot the diamond with more ease.
[8/10/18 - 14/10/18] This mobile game will be angry birds inspired with its intuitive slingshot, which has managed to engross people into playing its tactile and intuitive interactive design. This week I was able to create the game's sling shot by creating two line-renderers from the diamond's holder and to the slingshot poles; which I also modeled in Maya. I have also modeled most of the tower assets I may need within Maya, to ensure the creation of the multiple jenga-like-tower levels is performed smoothly, and to avoid entering and exiting out of Maya constantly. I attempted to create a line showing the current aim position for the diamond, however I have not figured out how to tell the line to follow the diamond's predicted landing position from its beginning, and if it will be too resource heavy for mobile devices to handle. The created 3D models for the tower, do have many faces on its polygons, and so again, I hope this won't exceed the mobile's hardware capabilities. I've added a static skybox in from the asset store, and imported some particle effects for added consumer appeal, all imported assets from the unity store will be referenced.

Aaron Alexander Wilson
Mr - Designer