Wizards Mayhem Arena (Multiplayer Android Game)
Wizards Mayhem Arena is a online multiplayer fast-paced arena game
Wizards Mayhem Arena is an online multiplayer fast-paced arena game, fight against your friends and family in the arena, cast spell, grab pickups to help you and avoid bad pickups. FEATURES: ✅ Free to play ✅ Multiplayer Online ✅ Play with your friends and family online, anywhere in real-time ✅ Very simple and easy to play ✅ Customize your wizard ✅ Cool 3D graphics ✅ Play with the touch-screen joypad or with a bluetooth joypad Cast spells to defeat your enemies, the last one to stand wins the round, the one that wins more rounds wins the match. You can grab different power-ups to help you, these power-ups will increase your speed, your spell power, among many other things. But you also need to be careful with the bad pickups, those are going to slow you down, prevent you from casting spells among other things, for a short amount of time, but that's all your enemies need to defeat you. You can also grab the Broomstick, they will make you faster and they will also grant you a bonus life, this means that if you get hit you will lose the Broomstick but you will not die right away. Game Modes: Currently there is only one game mode, which is Arena, where everyone is your enemy and the last one standing wins. Coming Soon: Team Arena: you will team up with another player and you both needs to defeat both of your enemies, but you need to be careful so you don't hit your friend. Cooperative: there is going to be special maps that you can play with 2 mor e friends and you need to defeat waves of enemies and bosses, in this mode the players will have 3 hearts which represents their life and will only die losing all of them. Story Mode: A story mode will also be available, it will also fe atures RPG and Adventure elements. Stay tuned for more info: e Arenas: Currently there is 4 different arenas in the game (more coming soon, of course) these are the Dungeon, Woods, Cave and Frozen Lake. Coming Soon: House of Mirrors City Magical Dimension Customization and Unlockables: You can unlock lots of different things to cu stomize your character, make your character stand out with many different Hats, Robes, Wands and even Spells and even more to come. Grab the gift boxes in the arena to automatically unlock them or you can play the Guess The Hat mini-game. Now go cast some spells and have fun!
Rodolfo Rubens
Game Developer - Other
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