Witch's Camp (In Development)
For my final game capstone class, I chose to branch off and create a project with an environment of my choice. This would help hone my skills in the following categories using Photoshop, Blender and Unity 3D:

1. Concept Art & Texture Maps
2. 3D Modeling
3. Animator System
4. Cloth System & Particle Effects

I chose to set the project in a swampy sort of biome and it would be a witch's camp and I will be releasing the assets as a package to the Unity Asset Store on July 1, 2018.
The player would be able to go inside the house once they walk close enough to the front door. There will be a trigger collider to bring the player to another scene which will be inside the witch's house; there can be two floors. This project has given me a lot of great experience in working on a solo Unity project as well as create an environment through many different types of assets of my own.

Natalia DaLomba
Aspiring Programmer - Artist
Carlos DaLomba
Lover of Learning - Programmer