Witch's Camp
Witch’s Camp is very important to my development and experience in myself as an artist and I will be releasing the assets as a package to the Unity Asset Store on July 1, 2018. Since it’s my very first solo, 3D Unity project, the learning experience is so rich for me. I love the dark, swampy environment because I’ve played many games that I very much enjoy a dimly lit setting--it also reminds me of Halloween. I feel the bright plants, pixies and lights create a great magical feeling. I love that the environment is rotting, but also thriving with life.
I created this project to share the experience of fantasy with others, to dive into another world like I like to do when playing video games, and to give back to the community. Every time I create a world, I gain even more experience to do more fantastic and exciting work in the future. Witch’s Camp has helped me grow as a developer to more comfortably own the skills that I need in this feel. I learned that no task is too large to conquer if I break it down into smaller tasks.
There is a witch that has made this location their home. No one seems to be there, so why not look around? The swamp is dark and feels eerie. You may even feel like someone is going to tap on your shoulder who wasn’t there just a second ago! But, there are pixies flying about that could help you find the way to what you may be looking for. Well, go on, then.