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Updated a year ago
Wiseland Released
Wiseland has officially been launched on both iOS and Android.
For those of you who don’t know Wiseland is a game/app I have been working on for the past 4-5 months at Enable Education. I was the only Developer on the project so I had to where all the hats of Lead Programmer, Project Lead, Game Designer, Level Designer, Modeler as well as managing and coordinating the companies lone artist, who never worked with creating sprites and textures for games before.
Designed as a better more engaging way to teach children about philosophy. Through interactive 3D environments (Currently 3 too choose from), children take the role of a young but curious thinker by the name of Sophia or her robot sidekick named Phil. Hunting for three possible answers to the BIG philosophical question of what is fair? and other BIG questions.
Wiseland also includes some animated shorts, 2D mini games, the ability to doodle, built in journal and live-action videos.
Try it free today! (Links below)
Dakota McCutcheon
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