WIP...Memories of old
Published 3 years ago
Still Working...
Ok so i was looking around on twitter and discoverd the Neon Challenge and realised i had just over two week to create something. At the moment im working on making a game from a game jam entry I made around a year ago the game was called RGB jam and basically you have a goal and that goal changes colour. You and your apponent bounce around knocking into blocks which help you change colour to the same as the goal to enable you to score.
Anyway im working on a new version of this and i thought ok so kill two birds with one stone this could be my game intro.

Starting off in a city in the future I will take you on a short journey thorough the city where you as the player reside, as you enter the club at the end of the tunnel, my idea is to have the movie flash between the player walking into the club and walking through the tunnel to my games stadium.
The player is remembering his past life would have been walking into the strip clubs and bars but he now has goals and dreams and steps out onto a big stadium cheered by 1000s of fans.
Nathaniel Calder