[WIP] Blubka 4 & 5
Updated 10 months ago
In development
Windows; Linux; Mac; Android; iOS; WebGL
Blubka 4 is oriented to the 4th Year of Elementary School, having didactic content totally based on the National Curricular Guidelines of the Ministry of Education (MEC).
Work in progress: the game already exists in the 2D version and now we are re-creating it in 3D, implementing new mechanics and improving gameplay in order to increase engagement and further improve the child's enjoyment.
The game explores objectives and learning contents in Portuguese, Mathematics, Humanities and Nature. All challenges are integrated interdisciplinarily into the context of the stories.
The game is divided into 32 adventures, each adventure with 4 challenges. The challenges involve solving problems of Portuguese Language and Mathematics, as well as contents of Human Sciences and Nature, totaling 128 pedagogical challenges per school year.
Blubka 4 can be used by teachers in the classroom, in the computer lab or as a homework assignment, always aiming to consolidate the child's learning.

Alexandre Chacon
Game Designer/Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Mac; Android; iOS; WebGL