Winter Urban Environment (inspired by Tom Clancys The Division)
Inspired by the art of 'The Division' I created a small urban environment capturing the mood of the safe houses nestled within post pandemic New York's districts. The safehouse is designed based on the HQ from 'The Crew' also published by Ubisoft.
Each asset was modeled in 3DS Max with some sculpted such as the garbage bags and snow piles using Zbrush. Textures were created in Photoshop and Substance designer for the snow and applied using substance painter.
The scene was composed and rendered within the Unreal engine with the whole project taking 6 weeks in total (mostly over lunch breaks and evenings everyday and weekends).
More details on props including pipeline, techniques used, poly counts and texture resolutions can be found in an accompanying post.
This environment is fan art inspired by 'The Division' - I do not own the rights to the division logo used within this scene.
Chris Turvey
3D Environment Artist - Artist