Winter Jungler
2D sidescrolling object collecting game
Overview This project was a more about the player's choice and customization of characters so I used the following: ✔Great use of Scriptable objects for both player Highscore and shop items inlcuding currency. ✔Using the new Unity animation system with sprite based animations. ✔Objects pulling for less memory usage for backgrounds. Shop. Scriptable Objects Scriptable objects proved to be a very good choice for customizing and saving data. The system created with the use of scriptable objects is very versatile and easy to extend Movement and Objects The player animations are sprite based and the logic uses some Physics 2D and layermask. The movement of the player was pretty easy to implement since it is based on the RigidBody2D's velocity and some single OnTrigger events.
Oprea Alexandru
Unity programmer c# - Programmer