Winter is Here Challenge Winners
Published a year ago
Winter is Here Challenge Winners
We rounded out 2019 (and started 2020) with an open door Winter Challenge based around our popular Microgames. Contestants were asked to create a Winter themed submission with our Karting, 2D Platformer and FPS templates.
There were 47 Challengers in total and we would like to thank everyone who participated, however only three have been selected for winner spots. Below you can read more about each of the winners, play their games (click on the images), what made them stand out and info on our next upcoming Challenge.

WINNER #1 - Dreamscape Endurance Race

This Karting entry was a lot of fun to play as we zipped about this modified track. Adding a roller-coaster style track that saw us weaving above and below the track was a great change to the standard track of the game. Not only that but the creator has added a lot of great Easter eggs in the game (we won't tell you what so you can spot them for yourself).
Things we liked
  • Visual Changes
  • Modified Track
  • Easter Eggs

WINNER #2 - Disco Tomb: Winter Village

A familiar face makes another winning entry as Stefan brings back his Disco Tomb game he has been working on, this time with an all new Winter themed level. The level of detail that is included is fantastic and we had a snowball of a time making our way through his wintry village.
Hidden enemies, hilarious animations (see the gingerbread man on the fire) and a well designed level earned this a winners spot.
Things we liked
  • Visual Changes
  • Level of detail
  • Fun changes to the enemies

WINNER #3 - Winter Delivery

With Winter Deliver we see a winner from each of our Microgames as Winter Delivery brings a Winter Wonderland to the 2D Platformer game. A lot of simple but effective changes to this game had us in awe as we spotted some great little tricks that made it stand out.
One of the great little tricks was watching the windows light up as you moved through each one adding a great depth to the work that was done to this entry to earn a winner spot.
Things we liked
  • Visual Changes
  • Window animations to add a little extra fun
  • It's all about that Santa hat!

NEXT CHALLENGE - My First Microgame

Calling all beginners in Unity! Create, mod and submit your microgame to our "My First Microgame" Challenge to show your fellow creators your creativity in Unity.
Flex your creative muscles and have fun with personalizing a Karting, 2D Platformer or FPS Microgame using the mods from Unity Learn, or go even further—add some weather elements, give the level a new life through colors or introduce some unique power-ups - anything is possible!
Add as many original and fun details as you can to make your game stand out. When you’re done, submit it as a WebGL game to this challenge! To enter head on over to the challenge page
Andrew Donnell
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