Winner #3
Winter Delivery
Updated 16 days ago
Help Santa to reach his last house
Help Santa deliver his presents on Christmas night.
Time is running out. Find your way to the final house collecting tokens and presents along the way.
Careful, don’t be caught by the evil blobs and jump carefully over the chasms.

What have I done. Well I've changed some of the colors, altered the background sky, added in snowy effects and altered most of the sounds. The player now has a Christmas hat and the buildings have windows that light up when the player jumps past (delivering the presents). I've also added a token counter and changed the tokens in the underground mine or factory to look like presents. Hope its enough to keep people interested.
There are many more things I would have liked to have done but time has run out. Thought the challenge was a great idea and I have learnt a lot just doing these changes.
Looking forward to many more.
Graham Arnold
Noob Dark Game Developer
Congrats on your win. Looks like you really spent some time updating the graphics. I tried to do the same, but wasn't patient enough to go through all the player sprites just to put in the Santa hat. Well done! You really deserve the win!