Winnipeg VR
Try it for free:
The app is available for free on Itunes and Google Play. Check them out from the project links below!
My Responsibilities:
This app is developed based on our internal framework VRSafety I developed. I contributed by providing guidelines on creating new types of Hotspot UIs, such as the curved Menu UI, and working on bug fixes throughout the projects.
Application Description:
This application was developed in partnership with the Winnipeg chamber of commerce in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. The places explored are part of a vibrant and growing business ecosystem.
Explore the heart of North America, shifting through the businesses, destinations and community sites that power Winnipeg. 360 video and photos will give you a taste of our city – and a hundred reasons to come visit.
A meeting place for thousands of years, Winnipeg, Manitoba is a hub of culture, industry and art. Fittingly found in the heart of North America, Winnipeg celebrates its year-round festivals, its large Indigenous community, its NHL Jets and CFL Blue Bombers, as well as its fearless winter.
C# / Unity Developer - Programmer