Will Wright Proxi Art Challenge BSA submition
Published 2 years ago
Some in-work process of the project
I want to perform some of the "nostalgic" schools moments... as good like that can sound, and also as good like they are... I wish finish one submitions to the challenge... well I am not good at design but I can be good "doing something"... yes... what that means is... I will try to finish this project at time and put my best... the graphics can not be as good like they will need to be... but I am not officially a "designer"... just a game maker...

Why I decide to participate?... Just for the prize... The Sims and the Sim City mark my life and Will Wright is one of these peoples that I mark like a reference of the "games" in my whole life... well, I know that is not necesary to say... but it's ok...

My idea is bring back some of these missed moment of my past... especially these "bad" moments at the school or the life... I don't know, and I don't have any idea of the others two scenes... but I guess... will be related to the same... the school life...

The character design will take part of this "tonish" form cause I want to use like inspiration... one of the Anime's I watched time ago, and of course I love the graphic stile of these characters... check for reference this link
Notice that the video of youTube is not related to the project in other way like a model design inspiration... and of course... it's personal inspiration because I love that Anime and also that history... but this is not related to my submition project in other ways.

I am not suitable to win cause... I can't fullfill the Unity connect profile, because I don't have a high school or college study... and also I don't have the quality that one of these contest must need... at animation, design, modelling, and other stuffs... but the idea of participate was a good idea for me... specially the thematic of the challenge... "bring back three memories and make an enviroment"... that sounds good... also that is a good way to practice my modelling abilities... and my conceptual design and ideas.

The day 3 of the ambient school design, at the classroom... I will use Blender to make the models and animations, and also the scene to be modify with Unity scripts... to save time... there is two kind of chairs, one of these are the new model that I will implement at Unity scene... and the others more numerical in comparation will be removed...
Make that at Blender will waste my time... and also... I need to save as much as possible... the same at the desk... I don't know how to talk about it at english... but I guess it's a desk... I will reemplace the desk at Unity with these "two" parts desk I don't think it's visible at the image... but one of these desk have two object composing him... to save poly counts... and well...

That is the basic idea...

Build the scene at Blender and then... remake it at Unity...
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Rebecca Harrison
2 years ago
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG
(Sorry the comment got cut off) actually don’t need to have formal education in your profile. Nor do you need references technically since the profile only needs to be 80% complete for you to be considered
Rebecca Harrison
2 years ago
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG
Curious to see how this turns out :) You actually