Updated 10 months ago
Great opportunity to learn 2D tools
It's a 2D game where you run around trying to prevent a forest fire.
Here's a video with some of the gameplay:

Thanks for hosting the contest! Gave me an excuse and motivation to learn all the tools. I'll keep working on this project and hopefully polish it up some more! I used: 2D Cinemachine 2D Tilemaps 2D SpriteShape I didn't get a change to utilize 2D IK or Animation, but that's next on the list after this week. Hopefully I'll be able to keep working on it and get it out there! I tried to utilize some watercolour style art, but I didn't quite get it right. I'll keep trying and get something working. Also, would've liked to have fiddled with the player character some more. Didn't quite get a chance to change it from its prison architect-esque placeholder art. I used tutorials from blackthornpod, Brackeys, and a tutorial on Metaballs that required quite a bit of fiddling with. Such great resources.
Don Nguyen
Generalist - Producer