White Lie
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Mac; Windows; Linux
White Lie is the heartwarming journey of Greg, a plush rabbit toy in search of his missing owner in a surreal and desolate world. Overcome the challenges from your past with Emma, and uncover the truth behind everything that is happening.
On White Lie you will play as Greg, walking through a magic and oniric world, somewhere that lies between dreams and reality, everything as seen by this lonely toy how he thinks about his surroundings and everything he learned living with its owner. But you won't just walk around. A lot of objects on the game will bring strong memories back to Greg and take him to live those memories again, inside his mind, and remember how important Emma is to him (and to you). Every memory will be a new experience, a child's play, a walk around, the visit to some place special, a book that was read, a story Emma created. Every one more special than the other.
Currently with a Catarse campaign:
Ambize Studio
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Linux