Where is My Ruby
Published 10 months ago
A game made by two undergraduates.


Hello everyone!Welcome to this page!
I am pretty glad to present our game which is called Where is My Ruby.
This game is a platform jump game on PC.You can use left , right and space key to control our hero named Mr.Potato while playing.there may be barriers to block you.But there will be no problem for our Mr.Potato!You will finish a level when you manage to reach the ruby on the other side of the screen.


Game Designer and Artist : 钟诗琳(Shilin Zhong)
Programmer : 周煜(Yu Zhou)
Two students from Communication University of China major in game design.

About our game

Stroy : Mr.Potato has got upset very much these days,because he has trouble looking for his true love.Every time he dates with a Miss Fruit,there will be much trouble.We shall help Mr.Potato to overcome those challenges,so that he can find his ruby.

How to play

Left and right or A and D to make Mr.Potato horizontally.Press Space key to jump.As black blocks cannot be stepped on,Mr.Potato can only step on those white ones to reach the ruby.The counter downward will move like a conveyor,so mention that you will lose when Mr.Potato is beyond the left edge of your screen.


You can only see Mr.Potato and Miss Pomegranate in current levels.


We have used the 2D Animation package to make animation for our characters.This tool is super powerful,but by the end of current development we have just figure out how to make use of it on earth.Anyway,thanks for this package,making animations with bones can be a great fun.

Screenshot and UI

Yu Chou