Where Is My Hat? by Comomola
Published 2 months ago
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iOS; Android
Fun tap tap game for kids

Where is my hat?

Find it in this fun game of visual perception for the whole family!
Double the fun with the 2-player mode on a single device! Challenge your parents, siblings or friends without the need for Wi-Fi.
Enter our dressing room and catch all the hats and costumes. Our little friends are going on stage and are trying on all the clothes...
Do you want to play with them? You'll have to stay alert and be really quick to touch that hat! Don't let that moustache get away!

What will you find?

  • 10 friendly characters.
  • 80 costumes (hats, glasses, moustaches, wigs, etcetera).
  • Thousands of random combinations
  • Surprise characters that change the way you play


If you find it too easy or too hard, don't worry. The game will automatically adapt itself to the child's level of reflexes.
The more costumes he or she catches the more levers he or she can play.


Do you want even more fun?
Enjoy the game with a SPLIT SCREEN FOR 2 PLAYERS. You'll be able to see who's fastest finding the costume.
More info:

Marcos Alfonso
Technical Artist - Designer
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android