Where are you? - Global Game Jam 2018
Updated 3 years ago
A heartwarming yet sad tale... the story of a boy searching for his lost love. His inner fears of judgment and rejection take on the form of monsters and fragments of memories are the key to finding his love. "Where are you, Anna?!" Can I find her without my fears taking hold?! Is it all just a dream? Is my love actually by my side?" Find the key fragments and exit to your waiting Anna… but be wary of those lurking fears.
The new Unity Tilemap system in 2017.2 was used for the level. This was a big time saver in getting the game completed in the jam's time limit.
The monster's have a basic AI behavior. A* pathfinding was used for the monster's movement within the confines of the level design and a basic set of SO observable variables on the player for detecting how much "noise" the player is making when walking/running around. The monsters move towards the player faster if the player is making lots of noise; and conversely, they stop if the player stops moving. This made for a fun mechanic while playing the game.
Scott H. Cameron
Developer | Designer - Programmer
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