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Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge

Hi there! Thank you for viewing my submission.
I decided to join this challenge at very last minute! Since I have only a few days to finish everything, so I try to keep the things simple yet interesting. Below is my submission and I hope you will like it :)

Final submission video

Memory 1 - Blind Cat

About Blind Cat:
When I was about 10 to 14, I like to spend my time at the dragon playground just next to my house and my favorite game is Blind Cat.
How do you play Blind Cat? Basically, one person will be the catcher and the rest will try not to be caught by the catcher. In the game, the catcher has to close his or her eyes. ( But we always cheat! It's dangerous to close your eyes and play on the playground) The rest are not allowed to touch the ground. They can only stay on the playground and climb from one spot to another. It was really fun. Imagine playing with more than 20 people sometimes! Some of them are friends, neighbors and strangers.
This dragon playground has a special place in my heart.

Memory 2 - Imaginary Camping

About Imaginary Camping:
I used to do indoor camping in my room at night when I was young. I will turn off the lights in the room, fold my floor mattress into half and make it stand like a tent! I will then bring some of my toys, food, books and pillows into the 'tent' and pretend that I am camping. I will imagine myself camping in a magical forest. Sometimes the forest is dangerous. It has wolves, ghosts and creepy creatures. But sometimes it's filled with fireflies and unicorns. Well it really depends how I would like to play it on that day.

Memory 3 - Family Trip

Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast. They have a monorail that served as the main means of transportation on the island of Sentosa. The monorail you see in the image above is the old one. The old monorail has been replaced by the new monorail system in 2005.
I remember that my family and I love to go to Sentosa when I was young. My family doesn't spend a lot of time going out together. Therefore our Sentosa trip is especially memorable to me. We would sit on the monorail and go round and round for many times!

Tools used to build the scenes

  • Unity
  • 3D Max
  • Photoshop
Unity tools:
  • Post processing stack
  • Recorder

Creative process:

Due to time constraint, I did not sketch my ideas out for all 3 scenes. But I already have the art style and image in my mind. I know how I want it to to look like in the final render. The style should be clean looking and simple. So I just went online to find a few photo references and went straight to modeling.
I used 3D max to model the assets. Since we are not using these assets for gaming, I didn't try to keep the number of polygons low. As you can see from the tree, It's has to be pretty high poly to get the curvy shape.
When I am done with the asset modelling, I will import the models into Unity. and see how they look like in the scene. To get the scene prepared, I will change the mode to linear, set camera view to isometric, go to asset store and import Post processing stack and recorder because I am going to need them for my project.
I slowly add more assets while lighting the scene. I usually bake the lights at a lower settings to reduce baking time and once I get what I want, then I will use a higher settings. I used 1 directional light for the Dragon scene, 1 directional and 1 point for Camping scene, 1 directional for Monorail scene.

After I am done with baking the lightmaps, I set up my camera properly and get them ready for recording. Since the camera animation is pretty simple, I didn't use cinemachine for this project. I created an animation in Unity instead and assigned to the main camera.
Lastly, I open recorder to record the scenes and put them together into a video. Recorder is very easy to use. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to make videos of their scenes to use them.
That's it! My creative process is pretty simple. Thanks to Unity, It's easy to achieve what I need for the challenge.
Thank you for reading!
Mok Wei Cong
Dreamer - Artist
10 months ago
These works actually hit my heart
Mok Wei Cong
a year ago
Farrukh AbdurVery nice work. Good to see your final video also. Good luck :)
Thanks Farrukh :D I am glad that you like it! Really appreciate it.
Farrukh Abdur
a year ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very nice work. Good to see your final video also. Good luck :)
Mok Wei Cong
a year ago
Pavel NovakCool. Love it
Thanks! Your submission is ace. I love it too :)
Pavel Novak
a year ago
A jack of all trades and a master of some
Cool. Love it