What Shines in Darkness
Published a year ago
You awake in a strange cavernous prison, full of creeping shadows, with these words in your mind:

Do you find yourself captive,
cold, empty, and sparkless?
Take some of this lightning;
it's What Shines in Darkness.
Drawing inspiration from the best games of the first-person puzzle genre, What Shines in Darkness pits you against environmental and logical puzzles and shadowy enemies. Your tools: an array of lightning-casting artifacts, each with its own unique color and abilities of creation, manipulation, or destruction.
What Shines in Darkness is my senior capstone project for my Bachelor of Innovation™ in Game Design and Development degree at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The Alpha was designed and built over three months in the Spring 2017 semester using Unity and C#.
My focus was on polish and demonstration of my technical skills. I purchased Digital Ruby's Procedural Lightning tools and Manufactura K4's Underworld Cave Environment assets for the game so that I could spend more time on implementation and still have high-quality visuals.
Asher Tuggle
Unity and .NET Engineer - Programmer
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