What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Published 3 years ago
In development
Agnes needs your find finding ingredients and doing mad science! In this quirky, cute game, you will explore, run, jump and combine ingredients to figure out the right combinations for amazing potions. Each potion gives you a new ability, which helps you explore even more.
This game was made in approx 6 weeks with a core development team of two; development and art. It uses 3D models with unlit textures to give it a quirky, 2.5D look. It's a platformer/adventure/puzzle game where the main mechanics are exploration and making potions by combining 2 ingredients. The main character, Agnes, is looking for her Grandmother who went missing after completing her final science experiment; the greatest achievement of her life. Grandfather Ernest forbids Agnes from doing any more science, but she does anyway! Help Agnes by finding the right ingredients to recreate Grandma Mildred's special potion. Will Agnes find her Grandmother at the end? Will Ernest ever let her do science? Do some science and find out! What could possibly go wrong? (Note: Not currently available for public consumption)
Hannah Burdett
Student Game Developer - Student
Game Languages
English, British
Supported Platforms