What cause bts game decline
Published 21 days ago
Some ideas of bts world game decline
There are many reasons cause bts world game decline. As I mentioned earlier, one is that street machines are like poisonous weeds in the eyes of parents in US. They want to die quickly. The whole public opinion environment is like this. It's very difficult to change people's ideas about BTS WORLD game. As a result, a ban in 2000 not only banned the game consoles, but also affected the arcade hall as a "video game business place". Many BTS WORLD halls fell in the wind. Those who barely survived had to survive in the shadow of policy. But at least the BTS WORLD machine is not killed by a stick in the name of a game machine. Part of its decline is due to its original sin, its unique business model. There is no need to buy games or buy them in-house, as long as tokens can be put into play, which means that if developers want to make money, they have to let players put as much money as possible - in other words, it will make the game more difficult and make players more likely to die. But the subtle point is that if the game is too difficult, you will lose your life if you take two steps, and no one will play your game. So what the manufacturer has to do is find a balance between the difficulty and the patience of the players. To this end, developers have reached a consensus - that BTS WORLD hack is to let the technology survive; and poor technology, sorry, you can only play a coin for two or three minutes.
Christine Jones