Wetland - Neon Challenge
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Wetland - Neon Challenge Entry
Hey everyone, For the Neon Challenge, my collaborator, Clesi, and I decided to use the Wetland - Kegiri Mudhut Village by Georgi Simeonov.
We are both big fans of it and are hoping to recreate it along with it's mood and atmosphere. We plan on adding some sort of tech for other huts and structures that serve a purpose in the community.
Work-In-Progress #3
We wrapped up our milestone tonight for this second week. We set out to continue the massout, start any assets that require high-to-low, add Megascan assets, started architecting and did some work on the water/dirt shader. Tonight, I worked on some cliff variations, this one feels a little more natural but could still possibly use some polish down the line by having more secondary and tertiary shapes.
I also did some work on materials and on the scene itself. I'm trying to find different compositions and moving forward want to really tackle using Cinemachine so we know what focal points to focus on. In the image below, if this is a shot we decide to do, I might take the mesh and go into zbrush and use the displacement map to further add more detail and resolution. For tomorrow night, I hope to add more rock formations, perhaps muddier to fit the tone of the setting.

Work-In-Progress #2
We are halfway through this week and it's respective milestone. We started working on architecting some of the cliffs, condensing the size of the terrain and bringing the other bank of huts inwards. This work-in-progress shot was my first attempt, it isn't a typical High to Low, I used displacement maps on already UVed Geometry to get more mesh detail, then I use tileable textures in-engine. We plan on making another pairs of cliffs, those will be less doughy and more natural, these help for vista pieces off towards the background.
Clesi also continued our blockout for the huts. We plan on making them modular and a kitbash set. He also continued working on the water plane and giving it a dirty, muddy feel along with helping harmonize the textures we have to look more cohesive. His progress also consisted of creating more assets. We also spent a fair amount of time download the textures we'd need from Megascans to help our progress and to test out the UBER shaders from the Unity Asset Store
In-Engine Shot of Work-In-Progress #2
Here's our latest shot in-engine. Before our milestone is over, tomorrow evening, we plan on continuing to block out assets, create more variations of natural assets like rocks and cliffs, and continue to fine-tune the height map on the terrain along with sculpting where needed.

Work-In-Progress #1 Our milestone for this week consisted of actually getting the project started, gathering a reference board, getting Unity Plus to work for my collaborator and I, acquiring any assets that we might need to use, and to start massing out the scene and props along with researching what Megascan textures we could also possibly use to help our production time during the holidays. For our first Work-In-Progress shot, we started by creating blockout meshes to massout the scene and get an idea of the scale we want to move forward with. We also got the water mesh setup along with having the Post-Processing Stack started. For our next Work-In-Progress shot, we plan on starting to architect some of the cliffs, condense the size of the terrain and bring the other banks of huts inwards.

Alexander Gonzalez
3D Hard-Surface Modeler - Artist