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Linux; Mac; Windows
A side-scrolling mining game
Wellspring is a whimsical game all about digging! Inspired by old school platformers, and indie hits such as Terraria and Starbound, Wellspring tasks the player with mining their way through layers of dirt and stone to find their fortune. Be careful though, not everything you'll find underground is friendly. There are strange spirits lurking that don't want you learning their secrets, and will stop at nothing to keep them hidden. Will you find your fortune, or be just another casualty?
This game was made by four students as a final year university project. The aim of the project was to work in a multi-disciplined team to produce a piece of work with a significant degree of visual polish.
My contribution to the project was a variety of gameplay programming tasks.
Sharp Loris Games
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English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows