Welcome to Princeland
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Welcome to Princeland, the most peaceful country in the world.
We live in Princeland, south east of Oman Sea. This is a place which is used by powerful countries to do drug trials and technology experiments. A place that has %800 tax rate, where you can barely stay alive. We are not able to anything, and leaving villages is forbidden. We have no power. Please help us stranger... The prince is hiding in one of the hatches in this land. Find and kill him, then we will be able to get weapons, vehicles, pets and food tax-free.
Game modes Singleplayer. Internet connection is still required but it won't connect to Steam lobbies. Multiplayer. A multiplayer session can be played with upto 16 players, as cooperative or player versus player.
Warning: This cannot be played when Steam is running on offline mode. Warning: VAC banned players won't be authorized on multiplayer sessions. But the single player mode is for everyone. Warning: The game camera is Third Person only.
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Unity Developer - Programmer
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Dutch; Polish; English; French; Italian; Spanish; Russian; Turkish; German
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