Welcome to my Unity Connect page
Published 3 years ago

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say welcome to my Unity Connect page. So . . . Welcome

I also wanted to take the opportunity here and just post my account description for all to see:

I'm a video game player enthusiast and have spent most of my life learning and creating games. Starting from basic text games that you'd write in a .bat file and going all the way to massive 3D games built in, you guessed it, Unity. Did I mention I'm only 17? It's quite a burden on potential possibilities, but I still create and work on no matter.
I hope to own or be actively apart of a video game or software development company. I enjoy programming most of all, but I do love creating worlds and developing new ideas.
Currently, I just mess around with Unity Plus trying new ideas and learning new skills. I'm also in the works of becoming Unity Certified.
Spencer Peck
Programmer - Student