Weave: The Game
Published 7 months ago
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Android; iOS
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Weave: The Game

This was my first attempt at creating a simple and replay-able mobile game. It got me familiar with the mobile API's available to integrate nicely on mobiles, including Leaderboard support and In App Purchases. Unlike a lot of mobile games, the IAP's aren't based around progression since I believe that is a massive downside in games development. Games are meant to be fun and not locked behind paywalls.


The simple concept was to create a game with a ball that can bounce back and forth, and progress with input from the player. To make it challenging, the level is generated from randomly selecting different prefab's of layers I created with obstacles and pick ups. I did originally want it to be procedurally generated, but I've yet to look into that area
The game also has debuffs and buffs to help the player. Like, slowing them down or distorting their view to make it harder for them to play.


It is currently only available on the Google Play store for users to play. Im unable to pay for the Apple license however I do want to release mobile games on that platform in the future. If you enjoy, please leave a review and constructive criticism, thanks!
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Josh Shepherd
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Android; iOS