Wayang Fight
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Embracing Your Culture as Much as Possible
Hi Everyone! We are from GameLevelOne, a game studio in Jakarta Indonesia. We founded this challenge quite late and decide to participate for fun and see what we can build in such a short time (when we found out, there was just 6 days left including weekends where we don't come to the office)


We build Wayang Fight as a spin off game from our main project; Javatale (you can check it out here What we're trying to do is to bring Wayang Kulit (a loose translation is "Shadow Puppet") a traditional puppet show in Indonesia, and turn it into a game. Wayang kulit is a traditional way to tell story in Indonesia and usually it's the epic of Ramayana and Mahabarata that's being told.
Lot of them of fighting scenes and that where our game, Wayang Fight, is based off
Set in a fantasy world inspired by Indonesian culture and art, wayang fight puts our nameless flat hero; for now, let's call him Joko in the center of spotlight quite literally as enemies from all around come toward him to attack.


The basic gameplay is very simple; defeat all the enemies as much as possible before being overwhelmed by the enemy.
Player just have to swipe toward (or drag the mouse cursor) an enemy to defeat, enemy will come from left and right, some even throw weapons at the player.
The position of the attack also matters because there's enemy that can only be hit aiming high or low.


At first we tried to do a full background, quite a departure from an actual wayang kulit setup
this prove to be confusing and hard to see what's going on, especially with the initial color that we choose. So that's why we came up with this:
we opt for a simple approach in regard of the bacground, especially that we wanted to paralax on it, and with the time we have we though that this is the best way to approach it.


This is all the design for many of the enemies for this game before we eventually settle with one from each category,
and this is the result:
Unity Implementation
Chuck Chuckerson
10 months ago
nice style artwork music
Saurabh Saxena
10 months ago
Founder of Delhi Technology Club
Amazing artwork 🖌