Way to unknown
This game is mix classic top down roguelike, gauntlet and hack'nslash games with absolutely procedurally generated dungeons. 3 hero types (Knight, Mage, Rogue). Continuous and dynamic gameplay, infinite dungeons, and many retro fun. Collect artifacts, use potions and kill horde of enemies!
Added A* pathfinding for enemies
Now done 3 sketches of heroes, dungeon random generation with different params, player movement, also written mobile joystick and adaptive separated zones of UI.
Good news! I'm talked with MISTER BEEP ( and he allow use their music in my game!
Our game is almost complete! Now it adds various abilities of characters, potions, artifacts, improved AI, added a system of critical damage and evasion, and a huge heap of changes!

We are released!

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Sergey Klimenko
Application Developer, Programmer - Programmer