A top-down game where each level is based on a different waveform. Made for GGJ17.
This was the game we made for Global Game Jam 2017. It was made at the Portland, Oregon site, hosted by Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad). There are four levels, each based on a different waveform. The waveforms are square, sawtooth, triangle, and sine, respectively. The waveforms determine not just what your weapon shoots, but all the sounds in that level are made with that wave form, and the movement of the enemies is based on that waveform as well. For example, on the first level with a square waveform, the enemies only move up/down/left/right, but on the second level with a sawtooth waveform, enemies move first diagonally, then straight, diagonally, then straight. Music - Arty Stepanov Art - Stirling Hepburn, Oryx Design Lab Code - Dylan Bennett
Dylan Bennett
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