Wave Panic
A game about waves, trash & a garbage collector. Made during the Global Game Jam 2017.
A game about waves, trash & a garbage collector. Instructions: Move the character with arrow keys. Try to collect trash with Space Bar. You can collect garbage when it’s under the lighter zone in front of the player. Right gauge: Trash-meter. It represents how much garbage you have collected. When full, you can’t collect more trash. Go near the trash bin to empty your pockets. The more you’re carrying, the slower you are. Left gauge: Happy-meter. People on beach will decrement it’s happiness if the beach is dirty. Clean it! When happiness reach zero, you lose. Bottom gauge: Wave-meter. When it reaches zero, a new wave is coming. Waves leave trash & powerups. Power ups: - Backpack: Increments your backpack capacity. - Flipflops: Increments your speed movement. Handy when you backpack is full. - Coin: Increments the happiness. If Tobii EyeX is present on the machine, the camera will rotate sightly through your gaze. Otherwise camera will move normally following the player. This might look like a lot of mechanics. Believe it or not, it was developed from ground up in less than 48hrs 😉 Technical Information Platforms: MS Windows Tools And Technologies: Unity Technology Notes: - Software used: Unity, Blender, MS Paint. - Hardware used: A Wacom tablet, Tobii EyeX. Credits: - 3D modeling, textures & animations: Vincent Zdo - Coding: Tony Mtz Video Link: Repository Link: GGJ Entry Link:
tony mtz