In January 2017 the annual Global Game Jam took place. The theme of the year was waves. My first idea of ​​a first-person-arena-brawler was changed by our 5-man group into an arena game with an isometric view. The main gameplay for each of the 4 players consisted of gathering power-ups, avoiding dangerous obstacles which were emitted from the center of the battlefield and defeating the enemy players with the help of the collected power-ups.
I took on the tasks of implementing the control and the main menu.
Implementing the player control was a challenging task since the game should be controlled with 4 different controllers. I solved this problem by naming the various input axes in a way that they contained a player number. For example, player 1 had a horizontal movement input axis which was called „Player1_H“. To receive a player’s input, a player number was declared in each player script instance. This integer served as an unique ID and identified the script to other systems. The input of the player could be queried by putting together a string of the player ID and the name of an axis. I decided to use a script in order to provide proper control over the main menu via a controller. A pointer was used to trigger animations and show or hide various pages in the main menu.
I would have liked to develop the project further, because I realized my preference for working with user interfaces in this project and thought that the idea was fit for a public release.
Benjamin Bauer
Bachelor of Science - Programmer