War to the Core
A multiplayer tactical low-orbit war game where massive motherships fight for dominance over the planet.
War to the Core is a world domination game where players control massive motherships that battle for control over the globe. Battles take place between alliances of players. Once players are in a battle they can invite their friends to come to their aid or challenge their sworn enemies to join the other side. The battle ends when one alliance is completely obliterated.


Dark times have befallen Earth. The once flourishing human civilization fell into despair and chaos. On the brink of utter destruction came a new hope. A technological breakthrough enabled travel to a new, potentially habitable planet. A place to carry over the human legacy.
The strongest foundations on Earth started amassing the resources needed to make the leap…but such resources were scarce. Not everybody will be able to make the leap, but everybody wants to. World powers formed strong coalitions to secure their passage. They built massive motherships to act as arks and transport their people to their new home. Unfortunately, none of the coalitions had enough resources and energy to send over its entire fleet of motherships to the other side. In their last ditch attempt to escape the doomed planet, the coalitions waged a ferocious war for domination over the resources they needed. For any given coalition, leaving a few ships behind would mean their certain destruction by the other coalitions. Survival became a balancing act of power.
You have been summoned to command one of the motherships. Millions of lives depend on your judgement. You will have to do what it takes to ensure that those that have trusted you live to see the next generation. Your mission is to help the coalition gain the upper hand and keep your mothership afloat. Under no circumstances should you land on Earth, lest your people be destroyed by the savage humans left behind. Your task is to keep your ship in one piece, but you intend to turn your mothership into a force to be reckoned with in its own right. You will see it prosper, gain fame, and instill fear in the hearts of your enemies. Coalition or not, you will harvest Earth down to the core. You will make sure when the time comes, your ship will be ready to make the jump, with allies or on its own and you will be ready to face whatever exists on the other side… and who knows what that may be.

Alpha/Beta Testing

If you're interested in beta testing War to the Core, please use following link to go to our website where we have extended info for (pretty much) all platforms: War to the Core - Alpha/Beta Testing


If you want to get in touch with us or other players of our game, please join the conversation on Discord​.
Sahin Aliyev
Indie Developer - Producer
Peter Karam Talaat
Gameplay Developer - Programmer
Mokhtar Khorshid
Project lead - Owner