War on Terror
This app is the long-awaited computer version of our best-selling board game, War on Terror, the boardgame. Over the years, no fewer than three developers have told us it was impossible to translate this game to mobile - and we were inclined to agree with them. Then we met David Partouche, a French, vegan anarchist and A.I. specialist who refused to take 'no' for an answer. A year later, War on Terror, the application exploded onto the App Store.
As you expand your empire, secure the best oil reserves, strike up alliances and generally bomb, nuke and war your way to FREEDOM!(TM), here's a taster of exactly what's in store for you:
  • Interactive world map, with 49 territories
  • Dynamic oil distribution (every game is different)
  • Advanced, reactive Artificial Intelligence
  • Anonymous terrorist funding
  • All original artwork by award-winning illustrator, Tom Morgan-Jones
  • Original sound and music by Robert Taliesin Owen
  • Additional music by Jarvis Cocker!
  • And perhaps the most disturbing credits screen EVER
David Partouche
Freelance Game Developer - Programmer