War of the Plasmorgs!
Updated 6 months ago
In development
"Turret Defense" and "Dungeon Crawler" Hybrid. You play as Humpty Dumptorg! It's up to you to defend your home against the menace of the "Plasmorgs!"
"War of the Plasmorgs!" is the working title for our crazy space adventure! Starring a futurized and really grumpy version of Humpty Dumpty dubbed Humpty Dumptorg! He is a member of the Yolkian race on the Planet Yolk. Yolkians are short and stubby beings that use egg like armor to protect themselves from Plasmorgs and the elements. They mostly live on the few islands and land masses that populate the Planet Yolk. The Plasmorgs, a morphological race of little purple goo beings, live in and make up the volume of the planet's oceans. Our adventure begins when the Plasmorgs invade the islands of Yolk and capture every Yolkian citizen, except for our hero and his faithful companion, Omelet. It's up to you, the player, to figure out why the Plasmorgs are so suddenly aggressive, rescue all the Yolkians, defend what's left of their settlements, and save planet Yolk!
Jaunty Ape Games
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