Wands Academy
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
This is our group of wizardry students who need to get the highest possible rank by defeating the monsters in "The Tower", and get their Great Wizard certificate.
A RPG combat style where you need to draw the right sequences of pattern to cast your spells.
The wizard has a skill tree, which at the first level of the tree you can find the 1 Pattern Spells, if you draw the pattern correctly, the wizard will start to cast the Spell, before throwing the spell, you have a certain amount of time (Chain time) where you can draw a second pattern to cast a 2 Patterns spells (with a max of 4 Pattern Spells).
Improve your wizard, level up your spells, unlock new spells, obtain equipment, fight epic bosses and much more in this amazing game.
Game Languages
English; Spanish; Chinese; Japanese; Italian; French; German; Korean
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS