Wall Town
Updated 2 years ago
Project description
Various artworks from our project for the Cubebrush "Worlds Challenge"
Here is the project thread!
We liked the idea of a city built on the walls of a mysterious structure from the past. We also wanted it to be made with scraps. The whole process started with some concepts for the city and the single houses, and of course for the giant structure.

At the same time it was very important to define the shot for the final image because when building the city we had to put more detail on the parts which were closest to the camera.

A huge part of our work in Unity was about lighting the scene properly because it would have determined the overall atmosphere of the piece. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do lighting studies on the concepts, so we had to experiment directly into Unity. We started placing some fog then lighting up streets and shops with point lights and, finally, enhancing our image with some post effects, like bloom and depth of field.
Here is a little gif of our process from start to finish!

Black Spire
3D - Artist