Walking down Memory lane
Published a year ago

Scene #1

For this scene I'm recreating my mom's kitchen, from my childhood house, here's where she taught me how to cook, and we pretty much shared a lot of moments there. So yeah, here's my first WIP for one of my most cherished memories.
I sketched it to the best of my memory in my sketchbook, and inmediatly went to blender to start blocking out the silouette, the proportions, and making it easier to remember things by representing them in a 3D space
I really learned a lot of new things, new tools, and new shortcuts to accomplish diverse results. And I really think my mom would be proud of the work done here.

Scene #2

I'm representing the room where I grew up, but a specific moment there.
My dad is one of the most important people in my life, he's always been there for me, and I really cherish all the memories I have from him, and the ones we have the luck to keep on building. :)
So, this moment is from years ago, when he and I were building a "tapanco" (don't know the translation for that, pretty much a small second floor for me to have a cool place to sleep). I really just handed him tools and asked stuff, every now and then I would use the hammer or screw driver, but he'll always say that we both built it.

I kept on adding bit by bit for this scene, every now and then making a change here and there.
Did some adjustments to proportions and the main space too.
Finally added some more assets to complete the scene and the mood I remember from this memory. :)

Scene #3

And finally, to wrap it up with family memories, one that involves my sister. :) I worked really fast with this one and don't have a lot of renders, but I got some Screen Captures.
Some work with UVs for some of the elements on the scene
I finished the scene, but didn't get a render of it till I imported it to Unity.


And finally I imported all my assets to unity and started assigning all the materials I had created, as well as my different Maps, Normal, Ambient Occlussion, Diffuse, and some Emission maps too.
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