Walk in VR - by walking with your feet
I have written an algorithm, that is capable to turn the play area around you and still moves you towards a destination, that is given, when you start the walk algorithm.
You do it by pressing both grabbuttons on the vives controller and lock into a mode, which balances your movement in real space out to virtual space, so you will face the position, you wanted to face.
As this rotation is free from your heads rotation you are capable to look around yourself, as you would do normally, because your bodys rotation is calculated out of the position of your both hands, only your body position is related to your heads input.
In this example, i am walking on a very small surface and have obstacles in my way, so it looks a little bit rough here and there, that is, because i have to handle my real worlds interieur...
I also have very bad lighting, a crystal lighter in the middle of the room, which really disturbes my vives tracking, so here and there, there are some glitches out of this situation, the algorithm itself now seems to work errorless and almost smooth.
There's just a leftable, while locking into this mode, where given objects go into state not very smooth right now. I will work on this in future.

This algorithm makes you capable to play stories, where you are really related onto your physical presence, which really gives you a feeling of being there.
I am worrying a little bit about the cable management, but i think i for myself will walk over to a cableless solution in future and get rid of these.
Yves Tanas
The 4th Dimension - Owner