Wadro (Level Design)
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iOS; Android; Windows Phone
Second Game I Made when I'm a student (2015) First Place in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015
My Second Game I Made also when I'm a student (2015)

this game is about Water, it's a platformer game, the main idea is you are a water drop and you will get effected by Atmospheric factors, so the gameplay will change according to the state you are in (Water, Ice, Steam)
in this game it was my first experience in level building and design ^^
this game got the First Place in Microsoft's "Imagine Cup 2015 Jordan" ^_^.
I know it's SH*T for me now xD but I'm proud of my starting points, and I will keep looking forward, to do more good shape games,
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Muhammad Ellawie
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iOS; Android; Windows Phone