VUUR - The Last Fire ( FINAL )
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VUUR project - Storytelling

Vuur is the last city on earth, founded inside the Nyamuragira volcano, the last source of thermal energy because a nuclear winter has obscured the skies for centuries. The last survivors have taken refuge there and to survive they have adopted harsh laws, with power concentrated in the hands of the "founders", descendants of those who created the city. But the time for this last fire is running out... the beginning of the end or a possibility of rebirth for the humanity, far from this dystopian city?...

New update: 15/1/2018

W.I.P. #1


Concept of the city

First of all we imagined how this futuristic city would appear inside the volcano. Which style? What colors? What is the mood of the environment? How can light be in the city? We have therefore created the concept of the environment and created a storyboard of the scenes we are going to create for the challenge.

For the mood we thought of a blue night light coming from the outside in contrast with the red - orange light coming from the volcano.
The style of the chosen environment is cyber punk.

Modeling of the city

After finishing the concept and storytelling phase, we started modeling the environment in Maya. First of all we started to create a blockout in order to understand what were the real dimensions of the entire structure of the environment, taking into consideration also what the camera movement would be in Unity.
Once the blockout phase was over and understood how the scene would be structured, we moved on to the actual modeling of the main structures, detailing the buildings in such a way as to make the whole environment a futuristic cyber punk city.
Working closely with the concept artist, we were able to create the entire structure of the scene, reproducing the original concept as faithfully as possible.
After completing the modeling phase of the main buildings we moved on to modeling the props, referring to the style of the setting.
During modeling, we took into account the creation of low poly models in such a way as to be able to insert them on Unity so as not to make the scene too heavy.

Texturing of the city

Once a model has been completed and approved, it passes to the texturing phase with Substance Painter and Substance Designer.
Sticking to the concept, we created materials that could create a cyber punk atmosphere and at the same time recreate the feeling of wear caused by the heat of the volcano.
We have recreated dark materials to contrast the strong lights coming from the various neon lights of the city, created through some ad hoc shaders in Unity.
Once the environmental texturing phase was over, we moved on to customize the characters and props inserted in the city. Also in this case we wanted to recreate materials and textures that recall the sci-fi setting.

Particle system

The particles of the environment have all been realized using the Unity Shuriken particle system.
The particles we have created are:

  • Volcano Gas

  • electricity ( trail + light )

  • sparks for the braking of the train

other particles are being processed to complete the scene

Lighting the city

after built the scene, understood the timing and the camera movement, we moved on to the final phase; the positioning of the lights.

1° step:

  • Emissive backed + Light shaft

2° step:

  • Volumetric lights + Light shaft

3° step (Volcano's light):

  • Area Light + Volumetric Fog


  • Unity 3D v.2017.2.0f3


  • Cinemachine
  • Post processing stack
  • Unity recorder
  • spaceship (free)
  • Sci-fi Battery pack (free)
  • Raw mocap data (free)
  • Sci-fi barrels 40 sample
  • Pipes kit
  • Alloy
  • Speed ball player (free)
  • The probe (15 $ )


Federico Dottori


Alex Castelli
Concept Artist - Artist
Mirko Marcello Lambiase
3D artist - Artist
Enviroment Artist, Texture Artist - Artist
Fabrizio Valenti
VR/AR/Gaming Developer - Programmer
Vr/Ar/Games Developer - Programmer
2 years ago
проект не понравилсья тут гравика как в 2010 году и даже хужэ
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Excellent work :) Good luck.
Antonio Gentile
3 years ago
3 years ago
Concept Artist
Farrukh AbdurVery nice update. Looking amazing. 3d models are really cool. The character reminds me of tron :)
thank you again! "Tron" is one of the source of inspiration.
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very nice update. Looking amazing. 3d models are really cool. The character reminds me of tron :)