Vulture Strike
Published 10 months ago
Available on
Linux; Mac; Windows
2.5D shoot 'em up for PC.
Side-scrolling shooting game in which you have the ability to travel between two parallel timelines whenever you want.
  • Open Wormholes and travel freely between both timelines to survive.
  • Colorful silhouettes around your ship indicate the dangers in the parallel timeline.
  • By putting yourself in dangerous situations right before opening a Wormhole, your score multiplier will increase greatly, allowing you to sum impressive scores. Activate Frenzy Mode by filling up the Frenzy gauge for extra attack power and scoring potential.
  • Steam leaderboard and trading card support.
As part of a 3-person team, I provided all the software design and programming for the game, as well as a few custom shaders and visual effects. The game was released on Steam and runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

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Carlos Cavieres
Senior Freelance Programmer, Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Spanish; English; Russian; Chinese, Simplified; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows