Vulcan Sacrifice
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Linux; Mac; Windows
A story platformer made in Unity
I developed Vulcan Sacrifice during the course of one week for a game jam I hosted on for my local community to organize others interested in game development in or around the city of Birmingham, AL. The theme was Vulcan (or metalworking) because Birmingham has an iconic statue of Vulcan that is the largest cast-iron statue in the world.
I created the art assets for the game using Pixly, IsoPix, and Gimp. The music was recorded by a friend. The game was developed in Unity version 5 using C# as the scripting language.
At the time of writing this, the game has received 214 downloads on It has received favorable feedback from those that have played it.


Vulcan Sacrifice was rebuilt & improved in August 2018 for Vulcan Jam 2. I remade every level, made many improvements, and added the final chapter to the story. My goal is to get the game to a more polished state and release on Steam.
Latt Vines
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Linux; Mac; Windows
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