VR Adaptation Room
Updated a year ago
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Windows; Oculus Rift
Not everyone is a hardcore gamer that will jump inside the virtual world and learn on the fly how to interact with everything, on the contrary, in the training facilities you will find from gamers to persons that never touched a video game.

That's why it is necessary to train people on operating into the virtual world. For that purpose, all trainees need to complete the Virtual Adaptation Training, where he will exercise all the operations in a casual environment, therefore when in the "real" he will know how to act and learn how to make the task without thinking a lot about the inputs.

The casual scenario was chosen in a way that it can be easily reused. The video shows this scenario and some of the interactions made by the operators.
Ricardo Mendes II
DrSc. - Educator
Eduardo Tolentino
Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Oculus Rift