Published 3 years ago
In development
Android; Other VR
You are an old black shepherd lady and you are tired so you want to bring all your ship back home from your chair!!! The goal is to direct all your sheep to the designated area. To that aim you have the help of your champion shepherd dog! By guiding it to your point of view (it will run) the sheep will try to avoid the dog. Your objective is to bring all of them together and that they remain on the area for 5 seconds. If the dog is too close sheep will disperse and make your objective more difficult. This area will change through different levels (a simple line on the floor, fences, courses, etc.) with incremental difficulty. You have a time limit so hurry up!!!!
You control the game by your gaze. Wherever you look the dog follows. When the dog is close to the sheep these run. Your mission is to direct all the sheep to your goal area.
You can restart mission during the gameplay, by pausing the game (staring to your body), or when you win/loose. You can also quit the app at any moment of the game (beginning, during, final).
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Android; Other VR