VRM Live Viewer
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またVRMの本来の用途はVRChat やバーチャルキャストが中心となるため、Android版として作っていたものを、急遽Windowsにも対応させた。楽しんでくれる人が一人でも増えてくれることを願う。



Because I enjoyed loading dynamically for moving VRM more than I thought, while I was studying variously, I succeeded in having VRM dance as well. Because it is awesome, I tried to build it as an application so that anyone can play it.

In addition, VRM's original use is centered on VRChat and Virtual Cast, so we quickly adapted what we were making as Android version to Windows. I hope that more people will enjoy it.

Unfortunately, general BVH motion files were not fully compatible with VRM, but we found that playback is possible in a certain way. Since the contents are text files, converters and others may be made if the details of the conversion method (coordinates, rotation, speed, etc.) are known. Taking those points into consideration, I released it as a version for the time being.

I think that there are various ways to change character in real time. For the time being, as a direction, VRM as an application to make the dance, the project start!
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