Vriserus: Caverns of B'aurek
Published 2 years ago
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Vriserus Caverns of Baurek was a game which I alone made within a timescale of 9 months, I made everything from the art to the music as well as programmed it through GML code.

Story - The game consists of the protagonist character Hoshi, a relic wielder venturing his way towards the capital after travelling across the continent, as soon as the capital appears before him, he is greeted my a middle aged man and some guardsmen, the man panics as his daughter is missing and asks you the player as Hoshi to find the daughter. - No spoilers but i will leave you with the question Is the daughter really just a person in danger?

Gameplay - Be prepared on this journey, no checkpoints and a trip into the Cavern of no return, monsters, traps, and the quest to find the lost daughter.

Expect Platform mechanics including walljumping and ladders
NPC Dialogue
Surprise Attacks
And of course a Boss Battle Finale

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All art, models, music, and programming done by me
Liam Downton
3D Modeller & Artist - Designer
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