VR Virtual Tour Applications
VR Virtual Tour Applications, designed for Mobile and Windows for the Property, Architectural and Tourism Industries. As the Producer and Lead Dev at Virge, I co-designed and developed full fledged production pipeline catered to mass producing Virtual Tour Applications for the property, architectural and tourism industries. Our production pipeline flow: 1) Take panoramic photos with our camera 2) Post process the photos 3) Upload to our server 4) Configure the Tour via our inhouse Tour Editor 5) Deploy a lightweight application for Android, and Windows 6) Deploy for Web My responsibilities with the pipeline / system: 1) Co-designing and overseeing the production pipeline / system. 2) Developed inhouse software to convert Panoramic Images into Flattened Images for easy post processing. 3) Developed our inhouse Tour Editor to configure tours. 4) Developed our Virtual Tour Application for Mobile and Windows. Mobile supports VR with or without, while Windows is without. Editor Functionalities: 1) User login 2) Coupled with Server, for content download and upload 3) Map List with Search Functionality 4) Configure Map Application Functionalities: 1) Virtual Tour showcasing Panoramic Images 2) VR using Google Cardboard 3) Navigational Hotspots 4) Thumbnail Navigation 5) Points of Interests 6) Autoplay Slideshow 7) Device Lock, and Service Validation 8) Dynamic delivery of Tour Contents, updates configuration and content per launch 9) Batch APK and Windows Deployer See more at:
Joshua Lee
Producer & Lead Developer - Producer