VR Tabletop Adventure (PROTOTYPE)

What is it?

VR Tabletop Adventure is a prototype for D&D storytelling in VR.
The Dungeon Master places various game elements (enemies, loot chests, items, special effect, etc.) on the 3D map to create the scene. The heroes (players) are able to 'live' the story when entering the life-size view, while the environment is being manipulated by the Dungeon Master according to the adventure.

Video examples:

  • Future of Storytelling conference entry
  • VR Tabletop Adventure - Harmontown D&D [Sample]
  • Video sample 3
  • Video sample 4
  • Video sample 5

How does it work?

This is an example of how D&D in VR would look like.
Use the Vive controllers to set the game elements in the rooms, and then utilize the Life-size view function to show a 1st person view of the scene in each hero's eyes.

Right controller (Wand):

  • When touching a game element the top of the wand will SPARKLE
  • Use the RIGHT TRIGGER to drag & drop characters and items to the dungeon.
  • Use the RIGHT GRAB button when touching a character to enter Life-size mode.
  • (Experimental) Use the RIGHT MENU button on the white-haired Hero to opens the item menu. Change the hero's items by clicking the relevant box with the RIGHT TRIGGER.

Left controller (Plate):

  • Use the LEFT TOUCHPAD and CLICK on the left or right side to scroll through the game elements.
  • Click the LEFT MENU to restart the scene.
These instructions are presented visually inside the VR experience. So you won't get confused :)

Created using the following assets:

  • Playmaker
  • VRTK
  • Little Heroes Mega Pack
  • VR Cartoon Hand
  • Music is PD: Kevin MacLeod - Evil Incoming.
  • Maps is from: D&D Book of Lairs (5e)
  • Characters & audio in the video example: HarmonTown podcast (Dan Harmon)
Maor Bluman
Product Manager | UX | Esports & VR - Producer