VR Story Tellers
A hackathon challenge of changing text to VR experience. Main Idea On entering your story on our website, the app generates the viewable VR content including real life characters(images), objects in proper locations - scenes(background), coupled with a background sound based on the characters, actions and mood on the Story plot. Challenges Integrating and mapping all the components to each other: Cloud, Machine Learning, VR and Web Development especially since it's our first hackathon for most of us and none of us had any experience with prior AWS and most of us had no prior VR experience and how we learnt everything on the fly at the Hackathon and implemented it end-to-end within one and half days was a tough job, done well, with extreme dedication. I was the only Unity developer on the team. Using my knowledge in VR experiences we obtained the award of “Best Refined Mobile VR Application” Learn more:
Adrian Babilinski
Unity Developer | XR Guru - Programmer